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Run4Christ is a Christian club with biblical values in every part of our beings. We stand on the Word of God and based our courage on Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" which is also printed on our shirts and running vests.
This is how it all started with Naude van der Spuy:
I attempt to give you a short version of a specific part of my life and how it came about that our little running club came into being.
I was a church going man who grew up in a Christian home with wonderful, loving parents. I gave my life to the Lord at least 10 times at school . I was involved in several of our church’s ministries and assisted wherever I could. I sinned a lot and felt terrible having to “return to God” on so many occasions. Whenever I weighed myself spiritually I felt that I didn’t quite make it!
During the course of 2008 I was thinking of my religious life, weighing up what I was reading in scripture vs. my personal experience of God – I realized that either there must be much more that I have not experienced or I am wasting my time with Christianity.
One morning in my regular early morning quiet time I read about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and I immediately knew that this was what I wanted. I emailed my dominee (pastor) and boldly inquired whether he could assist me. To my great excitement he confirmed that he has been baptized in the Holy Spirit and that he will gladly assist!
I remember my hunger and excitement as I realized that this “baptism” could perhaps lift me to the next level in my relationship with God.
I wrote an email to my friends letting them know of what I was going through and inviting them to attend the evening to come and experience what it was all about – even though I also had no clue what was going to happen!
So one Thursday night Heinrich, the dominee, came over to our house and gave us teaching on the topic and subsequently laid his hands on me (and my wife Lizette and some other friends) and prayed for us for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, well nothing physically visible happened that night. I do however remember waking up the next morning saying out loud: “Lord I trust that you baptised me with your Holy Spirit last night”.
A couple of days later three of us left for Mighty Men Conference 2008 in Greytown. My friend Rudi, my work colleague Arno and I set off to Greytown a couple of days early to avoid the traffic and pitched our tents a day before the official start to MMC ’08. In our walkabouts on that day I remember catching myself with tears streaming down my cheeks for no specific reason. I was so expectant to see God at that conference!
When the praise and worship started the first day I knew that something has changed in me – I cannot explain it, but something was different…
As the conference proceeded I started experiencing my Heavenly Father talking to me…..it was the most challenging, scary and exciting experience all at once!
MMC’08 proved to be life changing for Rudi and Arno as both of them made a commitment to the Lord as Oom Angus made the altar calls.
After one morning service one of my other friends, Etienne, who was also baptised in the Spirit on that Thursday night with me, came to me with interesting news. He said whilst sitting at his tent he experienced something like a video clip vision – in this vision he saw me standing in front of a large group of men – preaching to them. I was shocked and in awe at the same time!
The conference finished and we made our way back home the following day. On our way back we started planning a men’s camp on our farm Krisjanskraal in the Somerset East district which we purchased in 2007. The farm had various buildings on it, one being a little community church that was no longer in use. This little church building would suit our plans perfectly.
We subsequently sent out invitations to all the various churches we and our friends belonged to… Hoogland D.R. Church, Fountain Vineyard, Walmer Methodist and the local Noorsveld Church to name a few.
The date was set 7-9 August 2009. We now needed a name for our new "ministry" and we called it "Mansgenoeg" – meaning "Man Enough", because we believed that we were not Man Enough for Jesus, but Man Enough through Jesus!
We now needed a name for our new ‘ministry’ and we called it “Mansgenoeg” – meaning “Man Enough”, because we believed that we were not Man Enough for Jesus, but Man Enough through Jesus!
The camp was life changing and the Father became a reality for many men and the hunger for more was satisfied!
One of these men, a biokinetesist called Brink Eksteen attended the camp and he also started to experience the reality God and subsequently got called by our Father into a wonderful ministry of coaching anybody into getting off the couch and starting to get active again. Later on the calling to coach a group of men to take part in the Ironman competition came and the first “Mansgenoeg’”team was entered and finished Ironman in 2010.
It was, and still is amazing to see what the Father is doing through Brink’s ministry. Everywhere men and women started training for anything and everything. The natural course of events led to the birth of Mansgenoeg Running Club. The club struggled to get off its feet as it was difficult for Brink to manage the club and run his gym and triathlete training facility which was now based at Pearson High School. During 2012 Brink handed to road running club to Riaan (Kiri) Barnard after completing his first ever full Ironman in terrible weather under Brinks Ministry. What and awesome time and testimony on its own.
With great excitement we jumped in and tried to grow the club but had many challenges. One of them was our club name at the time “Mansgenoeg”. It referred to men only and it was Afrikaans which according to investigation many potential members had a problem with. After many prayers we decided to change the name to Run4Christ! This also speaks to more on what we stand for and who we trust.
We hope you consider joining us and enjoying the outdoor life with fellow Christians who are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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